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We’d like to understand your travel habits and preferences: how often and to what destinations do you typically fly, as well as anything else that will help us fulfill your every need.

Every ubair client is different, and we’d like to cater to you.

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At ubair we’re available to you 24/7 with instant, online private jet quotes. No matter what time the urge to travel hits, we’ll be there.

Simply enter your desired dates, times and routing and within seconds you’ll be reviewing pricing on five different aircrafts.

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Once you’ve reviewed your options, simply select the aircraft and price that’s best for you, book your trip with the click of a button and start packing.

No up-front capital investment. No long-term commitments. No lengthy contracts to review. At ubair  simplicity is king.


Fly privately on a frequent basis? Interested in reducing your costs to almost nothing? Easy — just buy your own airplane and put it into the ubair system!

Sounds utterly ridiculous right? Well believe it or not, it really isn’t; fill out the form below and we’ll tell you how it works. Be prepared to be surprised.

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Safety Standards

ubair is committed to the safety of our customers. In this regard, ubair works with Wyvern, Ltd and Aviation Research Group (ARG/US) -- whose safety programs and certification criteria far exceed FAA standards -- to evaluate each air carrier we utilize. At your request, we will be happy to provide you with documentation certifying the Wyvern PASS Report and ARG/US TripCHEQ for the aircraft and crew assigned to your flights.

Wyvern PASS Report

Wyvern’s Pilot & Aircraft Safety Survey (PASS) is designed to check and verify crucial safety information concerning the operator, aircraft and crew for any given trip. Such a pilot check verifies that each assigned pilot is fully certificated, properly type-rated, meets flight time requirements and possesses current medical and training records.


The ARGUS CHEQ (Charter Evaluation and Qualification) program is the world’s most prestigious third-party vetting system for charter operators, buyers and passengers. CHEQ’s due diligence includes: historical safety ratings, both aircraft and pilot background checks, and on-site safety audits. Aviation leaders rely on ARG/US for real-time data and assurance.

Additional Insured Status

Upon request, ubair will request the carrier to add you or your designee to the Aircraft and Carrier’s insurance policy as an additionally insured.

About us

As important as technology is to the success of any business, good old-fashioned, people-driven customer service is every bit as vital.
When you want to talk to a real ubair person, we promise that we will always be available to do so. Among the people you might just find yourself talking to is:

Founder and CEO Justin Sullivan: A self-described airplane junkie, Justin is a seasoned private air charter executive and entrepreneur with a long track record of delivering innovative products, great customer service and happy clients. Previously, Justin was president of Private FLITE and vice president at OneSky (now part of Sentient Flight Group).

Director of Operations Maria White: Often referred to by loyal customers as the company’s secret weapon, Maria has 20 years of experience in setting up and managing complex worldwide private and corporate travel arrangements. Prior to joining Justin in 2008, Maria was a logistics specialist at Private Jet Group.

Executive Director David M. Tait OBE: In his storied aviation career David has worked closely with some of the industry’s greatest innovators, including Sir Freddie Laker and Sir Richard Branson. He authored the Virgin Atlantic business plan with Branson and became the fledgling airline’s first employee. He then spent 20 years growing the airline and the brand with a potent combination of novel products, great customer service and smart, edgy marketing.



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